What is Fusion Marketing?

Welcome to a unique blend of marketing and communications services that can be customized for B-to-B and B-to-C companies alike.  Here you will find viewpoints, samples, techniques and helpful ideas about Fusion Marketing at Work.  We invite you to explore who we are, bookmark this page, discuss and share our posts with others…

With all of the advantages of digital marketing programs, particularly the high level of customer engagement and the ability to more accurately measure results, there are times when more traditional marketing strategies and tactics, as well as the state of a business marketing organization, are not carefully considered. In truth, successful marketing programs are comprised of many elements, and there is not a “one size fits all” option available. One definition of fusion is the merging of different elements into a unique union. What we mean by fusion marketing is identifying and implementing the right combination of elements to get the best holistic program results for each individual client.

Factors That Influence Strategic Analysis and
Ultimately Program Recommendation

Customer Criteria: What industries do you sell to, in what geographic regions; do you serve horizontal or specific vertical markets; do you target Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 accounts; what are your customers’ buying cycles; do you implement mass market programs or focus on strategic accounts; do you sell direct or through distribution; are you targeting owners, senior managers, buyers, etc.?

Company Profile: Are you a SMB (small/medium business) or a large corporation; what is the extent of your internal marketing staff and skills; what is your typical budget range; do you have a marketing automation system in place?

Marketing Profile: What are expectations and challenges for marketing in your organization; do you need to generate more leads or convert a higher percentage of them, or generate more traffic to your web site; do you need to create more awareness or plan to enter a new market; are brand preference and brand loyalty concerns?


With all of these variables in play, the marketing/communications programs of any one company will likely require a different mix of strategies and executional ingredients, provided by a different mix of internal and external resources. An analogy we like to use is that we are like a “scratch” kitchen at a restaurant—ready to prepare what you like, regardless of what is on the menu.

Any given agency or external resource cannot and will not offer every option. But the magic of fusion comes when three key ingredients are blended together: marketing expertise + traditional marketing services + digital marketing services—the specific amounts of each vary by individual company tastes/needs. That is what Stringer & Company and Media & More and Fusion Marketing are all about.