Press Release Graphics: Gaining greater brand recognition with optimum placements

As companies all strive to get as much free exposure as possible, creating visuals to accompany press releases is a proven way to get editors to publish the releases and to place them in prime positions. With fewer paid ads on the sites and in print, these graphics enhance the look and feel and make them more visually attractive. Public relations agencies from around the world have confirmed that editors give preference to releases that include compelling graphics. For companies, these graphics present an excellent opportunity for unpaid visual branding.

In this fast, digital world, you cannot assume that anyone will read an entire article or release. Many readers will look at a picture first before they read any further or at all. In some cases, only the graphic with a caption will be picked up without the accompanying article or release, making it really important to tell the story visually.


The elements for a typical graphic consist of a positioning headline with two to three text bullets that highlight key features, a shot of the new product itself, and perhaps an image of an application.  All of these pieces are laid out on an eye-catching background. Of course, the company logo (brand identity) must also be incorporated in such a way to not interfere with the visual and is also recognizable with the company’s branding.

Since the goal is to make it as easy as possible to get picked up by the editors, offering different sizes to the press increases the chances.  For example, a typical suite will include 3 X 3, 6 X 6 with and without text on the visuals itself.

An additional benefit to creating these graphics is that it facilitates consistent messaging throughout integrated marketing programs. The graphics serve many other purposes as well.  They can be used in PowerPoint sales presentations,  a company’s web site, e-newsletters, disty new product alerts—ensuring a high ROI on the original investment.