Use Professional Pride to Make an Emotional Connection

Pride in who you are, what you do, and who you work for is a highly effective means of making human connections. And it is a strategy that marketers can use in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of how pride resonates in all directions.

Employee Communications
Here is a concept for an internal poster we created for Analog Devices (known as ADI)
that features snapshots of their employees, which make other employees proud to
be their peers.


Corporate Milestones
To help celebrate a 50th anniversary we created a historical timeline that accompanies an often-used reference guide.  It made employees proud and helped to elevate brand perception for external audiences.


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Professionals like to be recognized as experts almost as much as they like helping their peers.  Use used that mindset to achieve high click thru rates with these online ads.


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Show Support
Power engineers don’t always get the respect they deserve.  So we gave them recognition with bumper sticker giveaways at a trade show and our client felt the love in return.


To help attract the best and brightest of recent engineering graduates, appealing to their sense of challenge entices them to learn more.


Clearly these promotional strategies can and were also deployed in multiple other communications channels