Quick Study: Commanding Attention in China Print

China is several years behind more developed countries in terms of technical education and skills. Engineers and scientists there place great value on printed materials such as brochures, data sheets, trade show handouts, and trade publications. Thus print media continues to play a valuable role in some B-to-B marketing programs in China. Here’s a case when a publisher-sponsored study allowed us to get feedback on the effectiveness of an ad that we created for Analog Devices, a leading semiconductor company. As always the ad was translated for certain international markets, China being one.


Based on respondent feedback the ad shown here was scored as “Best in Class” in 5 of the 7 performance criteria, including overall appeal, headline, copy and graphics. Specific study results of interest included:

  • 92% recall seeing, 27% recall reading
  • 54% went directly to the client web site by keying in their URL
  • 17% referred the ad to their boss
  • 8% requested a price quote or an RFP
  • 8% ordered or purchased the product

A rarely offered opportunity to participate in a readership study proved to be a validation of the effectiveness of our ad series, and for print advertising, done right. A second ad for a different product in this same study for a different publication also scored “Best in Class”. And the same campaign topped readership studies in Europe and North America as well.