About Us

Entice. Enlighten. Engage.

We are Stringer and Media & More—together offering a fusion of traditional marketing and communications services with today’s digital marketing options.  For 27 years, we’ve helped B-to-B and B-to-C companies meet their business objectives: launching new products, entering new markets, generating revenue, building successful brands.
Whether you want to nurture customer relationships via the web; increase
your penetration of key accounts in vertical markets; or win a greater share of
market—we can help.

We provide virtually all of the traditional marketing services that many businesses require: advertising creative and media planning and buying, for both print and online; creation of collateral and sales presentations; event support; and marketing expertise.

We also offer digital services that are becoming more requested: content marketing; lead nurturing support; email and social activities that drive prospects to you; and web analytics to track program success.

Our fundamental marketing expertise further distinguishes us from most agencies.  We have trained client marketing, communications and product line personnel in positioning, value propositions and more; and we have served as the outsourced marketing department for growing businesses.

Our marketing activities can be seen as paid and unpaid content in online and print publications; in emails and outdoor signs; in press materials and product literature; in blogs, social media postings; and as part of client websites, videos and trade show materials.  Further, we offer significant experience in extending client marketing programs to global markets.

But where our programs deliver the most impact is in the minds of target customers.  We raise awareness, build preference and drive a response with everything we do.  And that translates into greater ROI for our clients.

While marketing staff and expertise have shrunk in most companies, the need for marketing to help drive revenue and share has increased.  New products and services must achieve success.  Prospects must be kept engaged until they are ready to buy.  More marketing responsibilities must be outsourced—but to whom?

Digital-only service providers don’t understand your business and offer what can be tracked, not what necessarily will work.  Most traditional marketing service providers have deferred to clients for the digital parts of their programs.  An agency that understands both approaches, offers key aspects of each, and effectively collaborates with other service providers can be a valuable resource for revenue success—and that is the role we provide.

Experience: We have worked with 200+ B-to-B and B-to-C companies, from start-ups to billion dollar corporations; partnered with every type of service provider and media outlet in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Expertise: We have a deep understanding of industries, sales channels, buying cycles, customer personas and marketing fundamentals.

Commitment: We serve as a valued vendor/partner of client sales and marketing teams, evidenced by our long term client relationships and dedication to their success.